Plenary Talks

Plenary talks available online

New for WINSS 2016 we decided to film each of the plenary presentations, so that you can now watch (or re-watch) the invited speakers from the comfort of your own home!

Click on the speaker name  to see the short interview with key presentation messages, find out more about them and to read their presentation abstract.

Promoting healthy growth in children & pets

Gary Butler

Promoting healthy growth
in children

Prof Gary Butler
Alex German

Promoting healthy growth
in pets

Dr Alex German
Judy MacArthur Clark

The 3Rs – research in an ethical context

Dr Judy MacArthur Clark
Adam Drewnowski

Nutrient Density – addressing the challenge of obesity

Prof Adam Drewnowski
Rooyackers Olav

The impact of age, disease
and nutrition on human muscle
mass and function (sarcopenia)

Prof Olav Rooyackers
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