WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences Symposium (WINSS) - Previous Symposia

WINSS is an open international meeting for sharing the latest original research in pet nutrition. It combines plenary sessions from leading scientists with oral and poster free communications. Typically it attracts over 250 delegates from 20+ countries. Proceedings of previous WINSS are available below.


WINSS 2013: From Pet Food to Pet Care - Bridging the Gap - Portland, Oregan, USA


WINSS 2013 welcomed nearly 300 delegates, with nutritional research scientists and veterinary specialists from 24 countries. It was co-hosed by WALTHAM and Banfield® Pet Hospital in Portland, Oregon, USA on 1-4 October 2013. Session topics included aging, the microbiome, healthy weight management and macronutrient selection.


WINSS 2010 - 'Pet Nutrition - Art or Science?' - Cambridge UK

Link to British Journal of Nutrition WINSS 2010 supplement


WINSS 2005 - ‘Innovations in Companion Animal Nutrition’ - Washington DC


WINSS 2003 - 'Nature, Nurture and the Case for Nutrition' - Bangkok, Thailand


WINSS 2001 - 'Pet Nutrition Coming of Age' - Vancouver, Canada

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