WALTHAMTM Puppy Growth Charts

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

What are the WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts?


WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts are a user-friendly clinical tool designed for veterinary professionals to monitor dog growth.

Scientifically developed and based on data from 50,000 healthy young dogs they provide a standard for healthy growth.

Growth chart assessment will help determine if a puppy is following the expected growth pattern and may
aid early identification of any potential nutritional or health problems, facilitating intervention before a puppy’s health is compromised.


How do I access the WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts?

Following the launch of the WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts at the London Vet Show in November 2016, UK based veterinary professionals can now request a free kit by emailing: WALTHAMgrowthcharts@vbd.co.uk
PDFs of the charts can also be downloaded from our WALTHAMTM Puppy Growth Charts resources page

Puppy Growth Chart Materials

WALTHAM™ Growth Chart kits will be sent out from January 2017 onwards.

How do I use the WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts?

For information please see our instructional video


What further training materials are available?

Click here to download the charts and find more training materials
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