Research & Development at Mars: Oral Care

The passion of our multidisciplinary  research and development team is evident at every stage of our product development process. Explore below to learn about the science behind our oral care products, including our newest stage of testing, the unique ‘chewing robot’.

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Rooted in Science: The Story of our Oral Care Products

Our new report details the 6-stage development and testing process for oral care products, such as Pedigree® Dentastix™ Daily Oral Care chews.


Did you know...

Pedigree® Daily Dentastix™ are low in fat and contain no added sugar or artifical colours or flavours. They help to reduce the build up of tartar by up to 80% when fed daily.


Free Downloadable Resources

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Toothbrushing guide for dog owners

Informative flyer on why it is important to brush your dog's teeth. The reverse side features a step-by-step guide on how to introduce the technique to pets.


Toothbrushing video for pet owners

This video walks dog owners how to start brushing their pet's teeth, from what equipment they need through to how to brushing the teeth thoroughly. An ideal resource for the waiting room.

The video will be available to download shortly.

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Canine Dental Chart

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Feline Dental Chart

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