WALTHAM Welfare Standards


WALTHAM commitment to pet welfare

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At WALTHAM we have a proactive and energetic pet welfare committee that, together with our researchers, aims to refine, replace and reduce the involvement of animals in all the research we conduct.

Refinement seeks to find ways of doing things that minimises the impact of the studies on our pets; housing and handling are very important parts of this.

Replacement means doing research without animals, using existing research wherever possible and developing laboratory models and tests rather than using actual animals. Our lab facility is an important enabler for this. We have invested millions of pounds in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that allows us to conduct our research using non-animal based methods.

Reduction relies on our statistical experts who help us design appropriate studies with the minimal number of pets. We are constantly developing techniques that allow us to work in partnership with our pets so that they do not experience any pain, suffering or distress.

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Mars animal welfare policy


In the day-to-day development of our chocolate, gum and confection, food, drinks and pet care products we do not undertake, support or sponsor studies that harm animals.

In fact, over decades, Mars has established an unparalleled history in pet care and in developing standards for animal wellbeing, environmental enrichment and nutritional requirements.

This rich past is reflected in our pet care brands, our pet loving associates and in our premier pet care facility dedicated to the wellbeing of dogs and cats. Here we use caring science to understand our pets’ unique environmental, behavioural and nutritional needs so that they can live long, happy healthy lives.


Reviewing and sharing our caring science

We publish much of our research in journals that are independently peer reviewed.  We believe this offers an impartial view of the quality of our science and its contribution to the field of pet science.  These papers are shared with academics and researchers around the globe.  

We also share our ways of working with numerous visitors to our site. Our facilities and research approach are regularly reviewed by independent auditing authorities and generally regarded as setting the highest possible welfare standards.

We are proud to share our approach with other organisations which provide assistance to dogs or are pet shelters. Many have adopted the principles behind the design of our facilities for the development of their own kennels and catteries.

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